Play Betting Online Gambling Regulation in

1. The minimum age to join and play in is 18 years old

2. Each member is obligated to maintain the confidentiality of the data user ID and password respectively. After you receive a user id and password of our staff please immediately change their password with a new one. If you forget your password then please contact our staff and password will be sent to your phone number that is listed.

3. only as payment intermediary, therefore Members direct play on the games website have been. Every member must read and abide by the rules that apply to each individual websites choices before making a bet.

4. Each member shall notify no. hp and a new email to us for security and convenience.

5. Balance transfers between accounts must match the Account Name and Account Number. Minimum balance transfer or loan move is $10 USD

6. Deposits and withdrawals can only be done through the name and account number are registered. Minimum withdrawal and deposit is $5 USD, - There is no maximum withdrawal during the games still have the financial account

7. We will process the withdrawal and deposit your funds 24 hours a day / 365 days per year with the condition of the bank is not in an offline or maintenance. (Every day open 24 hours and no holidays).

8. If there is a deposit of funds sent does not correspond to the registered account at Otherwise it will be the forfeited deposit funds or no

9. For security reasons, reserves the right to close an account members who are not active within 1 month and does not have a balance.

10. right to cancel the membership if it does not comply with the regulations.

11. There is no cancellation of bets or bet that has been confirmed for any reason.

12. All calculations winning or losing was passed by the website concerned. Example: playing at SBOBET, SBOBET then the center which performs calculations and approval.

13. payment with Bictoin and Credit Card

14. Maximum Loan Move 2x, 5x Maximum Withdraw in 1 × 24 hours.

15. Online 24 Hours Nonstop every day and are ready to serve your betting transactions.

16. 1 account can pick more than one game account for example one can pick the account ID Sbobet game, Ibcbet / Maxbet, Casino, Agile, etc. Ion club.

17. Terms and conditions is absolute.

If you have agreed to the rules that we made, please do the registration below.